Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Rest of the Weekend

After the fail on Thursday, Friday was a much better day. I met Lindsay for lunch at Al Wahda Mall where we ate at this little Asian place called Noodle House. I liked it and I never even knew it existed, so I think Stu and I are going to have to go there some day too. It was nice. I forget how big of a treat it is to eat out (meaning I didn't have to cook it) without the monkey because I don't have to cut up someone else's food, make sure drinks and pepper shakers are out of reach, etc. I can just focus on my food and eat and then leave. Pretty nice! Lindsay brought me a whole bag of books because she was doing some Spring cleaning, so I started one of them almost as soon as I got home. We walked around a bit and then she treated me to a coffee before going home. Quite a date, if I do say so myself! :)

Then, as if one date wasn't enough, Stu and I dropped Kaden off at Matt's and went to Benihana for dinner at the Rotana. It was nice, and quiet, :) and we should definitely go out alone more often. This was only the third date we've been on since we've been here without Kaden. Pretty pathetic actually. Matt said Kaden was good except that he cried for 45 minutes (not like him at all) when Matt went back in his room to smoke (which I don't approve of anyway). So my poor baby felt abandoned in a scary house. But other than that, things seemed to be fine. We might do it again.

I had a tough weekend on the home sick front though and I've felt kind of anxious the past few days. So I've been sleeping a ton and I still feel tired. I feel somewhat better this morning, which is good because Stu is back at work and I have to keep a monkey happy by myself. He's hanging on my arm as we speak saying "hand, hand, hand" which means he'd like me to hold his hand and go back and play in his room with him, so I will go. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!


  1. left him with a babysitter who SMOKES? And it took him 45 minutes? That doesn't sound right. Poor baby! Can't one of your GIRLfriends watch him??? :)

  2. Everyone smokes. Ugh. And no, it didn't take him 45 minutes, but once he came out of the room Kaden was distraught and cried for 45 minutes. Poor baby.