Friday, May 15, 2009

Painting, Coloring, and Roof Time.

Last night we went to Cantina Laredo for dinner and it was a pretty different place. All of the staff was dressed in sombreros and they’ve decorated the restaurant with piñatas and maracas. There was a guy on a keyboard serenading us with Mexican songs, which was a great treat. Then, after the meal they gave us 20% off coupons and two mugs that say “Cantina Laredo” on one side and then say it in Arabic (I assume) on the other side. Fun!

Then this morning Kaden decided to wake up extra early so we got our grocery shopping done in record time since there was no one there at 8 in the morning. It was nice to get it done so quickly. We went home and then Stu and I played volleyball (yes, in the house, heh) and then Kaden finger painted while Mommy and Daddy colored.

Kaden and I also took a couple-hour nap, which is always nice. Now we are all up and I’m going to make some burritos for dinner and hang out. Here are some pics!

Our new mugs. :)

Kaden having lunch.

Having fun on the roof on the cool hop-scotch Mommy made for him

Confused by the paint (he used a paint brush this time)

Daddy working on his shapes. :)


  1. Your plant is looking good!! And you thought you'd kill it!! I can't wait to be able to paint with Kaden AND Stu...can Stu stay in the lines?? ahhaha Have a great weekend! We love you and miss you...later...

  2. Looks like fun! I love his plates. And she's right - the plant does look good! Haha I've basically killed the few little flowers I'm trying to grow. :-(

  3. I was just looking again at this blog and the pictures and noticed that he seems to be staring at his shadow!! haha Does he know what it is? I doubt it, but can in imagine what he is thinking about seeing something moving along with him, etc.??? So cute!