Friday, May 22, 2009

Golf, Wine and American Idol.

On Thursday night, which starts our weekend, we decided to try out this new Asian place in the Marina Mall. It was actually pretty yummy and they have sushi! We shared a California roll and I got the shrimp fried rice and Stu had the teriyaki chicken. We both liked it pretty well and Kaden sure seemed to enjoy sharing with us. It was all reasonably priced too, which is kind of hard to find so we were happy. Like Figaro’s, it looks out the windows on the third floor, so there is a nice view of the Gulf’s sparkling waters. We’ll definitely be going back there again.

When we got home we opened a box from Marcia which had a golf set for Kaden! Opening it, he saw the child-looking plastic and started squealing with delight and saying, “Oh-ho-ho.” So I got it all set up for him and he entertained himself with it for well over an hour without stopping. GREAT GIFT, MARCIA!!!

We decided to get a bottle of wine for the finale of American Idol (yes, a day after everyone else saw it), but when Stu brought it home we realized we didn’t have a bottle opener! The last bottle of wine we got here was over a year ago, so we didn’t even think about it. Being resourceful, I got online and found a site that explained how to open a bottle of wine on a boat (like a yacht if you’re not prepared). It required a screw, a knife and a fork. We used just the screw, but we got the idea. Stu screwed it right into the cork and then using his manly man muscles popped it right out! Master! So that was worth some pictures.

We really enjoyed American Idol and stayed up WAY too late to see the results we already knew, but it was worth it.

Today we did our normal grocery shopping and then I measured Kaden (we’re supposed to remember to do it every month, but we’re usually a few days off in either direction). He grew another half inch since the last time we measured him with Matt last month! Sheesh, the kid never stops growing!

We had a pretty relaxing day today and soon apparently Matt, Mike, Kyle, and Dan are coming over. We were supposed to go eat dinner with them, but they are having a late lunch now so we will see.


  1. The golf set is the bomb! I almost bought him one yesterday! HAHA! And the screw/wine opener? Awesome. I just realized from the pictures that you have granite countertops. Geesh, I don't even have granite countertops. So, there you go, something better in UAE than in Bothell! HAHA!

  2. Love it! $5.00 well spent. haha Course it cost me $11.95 to mail it! Kudos on the wine opening. I'll see what other cheap plastic toys I can find. LOVE YOU!!==Great Aunt Marcia