Saturday, May 9, 2009

Toys R Us and Knitting Weekend

So far we've had a pretty busy weekend, which has been very enjoyable. Thursday night we took it easy with a movie and popcorn then headed out for groceries bright and early. I got to meet up with Lindsay for lunch at Marina Mall, where we sat by the window, gazing out over the (seemingly) pristine waters of the Gulf.

From that vantage point and with a little mental distance, you can almost fool yourself into believing the hype about how great this place is. When I talked about how this is "home" for Kaden and going back to America will actually be the weird change and adjustment that coming here was for Stu and me. She said, tongue-in-cheek, "He lives in paradise!" True, true. :)

Then she and I met up with the girls for our monthly knitting meeting, which was wonderful and refreshing as always. There was a little damper with Eva not being there and missing her, but otherwise it was a wonderful time. I stayed a lot longer than I normally do because Stu managed to conjure up a sandwich for Kaden for dinner. I think he will be creating many more meals in my knitting future. Hehe.

This morning we ate breakfast and then headed off to Toys R Us to let our child run wild just like the locals do (when in Rome...). They have swing sets and ride-on cars set up for the kids and Kaden had a BLAST. We initially went to see about getting a slide for his room but they were all of the swing set variety and unfortunately that would mean moving his bed out of the room and spending double what I plan to pay for his first car on a freaking toy (seriously, right around three grand [and I'm talking dollars here]). So we decided we'll just have to make more stops at Toys R Us on the weekend. It's already too hot to play outside (without scalding your butt off on the slide). Stu got a computer game out of the deal though and Kaden picked out a kitty which he bawled on as we left the store.

We hooked up with Matt and ate at the Lebanese Flower once again. And it was yummy once again. We stayed for hours and nibbled and snacked. Good times.

We also switched the entertainment center from Kaden's room into my room. He's been able to climb into the drawers for a while now and I keep worrying he is going to pull it over on himself. BUT, this meant that I suddenly got more storage space and I can put all my crafty crap in there, so hopefully I will USE it because it will be more organized. This is going to be pretty important here in the next week or so when school gets over with (all A's bitches! Can I get a woot woot?). I've been worrying about the integrity of my sanity now that I will have nothing to keep my mind off of being gone (it didn't go so well last time...).

Anyway, luckily Stu has tomorrow off because of an Emerati holiday (Armed Forces Day?) and it also happens to be Mother's Day, so I get to spend it with my boys! Yay!

That's it for now. Sorry we haven't been online much lately. It sucks when I don't see anyone else get on for weeks, so I tend to forget to even get on after a while. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend! :)


  1. Not only a "woot-woot" but a BIG "WOOT-WOOT" from Mimi and Papa. We are really proud of you and hope you can make it until August when you can come back to the USA! Do you have any plans to go anywhere else while you are in the States? Like back to Idaho is what I mean, cause if you do, we might fly up to see you. Otherwise, we'll just have to see you in September/October, whichever month is going to be best for you guys. We'll talk about it later, but let us know honestly when it's best....again, GREAT JOB in your school classes and give Stu and Sir K hugs from us! =)

  2. Good thing you got that entertainment center out of his room... I have five scars on the corner of my fore(five lol)head from doing exactly what you were afraid of him doing when I was about his age!

  3. Woot Woot!! Great job!!

    And Happy Mother's Day to you! :-)

  4. woot woot!!! on the "A"s. well done and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  5. Happy Mothers Day to a mommy from a mommy!! I am sitting at a basketball tournament all weekend again (Justine said it just wouldn't be Mothers day if I wasn't court/field/track side) We are going to Mexican for dinner and taking Nana. I Love You Millions!!!

  6. Woot woot!! Good job Lady! Happy Mother's Day to you :)