Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I realize that we can't save the world, make every bed thing go away, and all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But, does anyone even care that this is going on? I feel like all I hear about on the (American) News anymore is the economy crisis, or how much weight Jessica Simpson has gained and lost. Aren't there more important issues than body image???

Maybe I care more about what is going on today in Pakistan because every day my mind is with Eva, one of my best friends here, who has recently gone there with her husband and son (husband is Pakistani). I hate that she is there and I want her either back here, or better yet, back in America. I worry and fret and think bad thoughts.

While MY biggest worries range from which Kindle books to order, convincing my son NOT to jump off the couch onto the (very hard against little heads) tile, to which house I want back home, millions of people around me are suffering in ways I could never imagine.

I don't know what the answer is. I've been trying to convince Stu to have a little more empathy lately. Everyone else is fighting their own battles, they could all probably use a break (even if they ARE glaring at you while they cut you off... bastards).

Part of me really just wants to return to my little world of recipe ideas and Twittering, but it's hard to ignore headline after headline that demand a little attention.

What do you do about disturbing headlines? Do you do the whole, "It's not my problem" and turn on a sit-com instead? Do you care a bit, but say there is nothing you can do (If you really think this, read Three Cups of Tea... one person CAN make a difference)? I'm just wondering how everyone else sleeps at night...


  1. Well, I often get overwhelmed by all the terrible things happening in the world, but that becomes a problem in itself. If I get too overwhelmed, I can't function - it's like my head is turning in so many directions at once that I can't do anything at all. I mean, I always wonder how someone picks one or two or a few charities to donate to when there are literally millions that need help, but I think you just have to pick what's close to your heart and help where you can. So, I don't necessarily ignore certain things or turn a blind eye to them, but I do choose to focus my energy on things that I can fix/help with/change. There ya go - my two cents :)

    Kelsey V

  2. It's a really tough subject. I can't even imagine the turmoil described in that link. I guess I do need to read that book, because I read that story and just wonder what in the world I could ever do to alleviate their pain. I can hardly keep myself afloat right now. I don't like clicking the X at the top and closing the story, because I feel like I'm just moving on, but a big part of me wonders what else can really be done. Especially when there's so much chaos everywhere, even here. It's scary - so I just try to focus on keeping myself afloat, praying a lot, and doing as much good as I can.


  3. Well said Sunshine. I wish I had an answer for you but to be completely honest with you; if it weren't for the fact I have you, Stu and Kaden over there and a few friends scattered about the middle east I wouldn't care what was going on over there. I know that may sound callus but I can't even mentally deal with everything going on over here. We're living smack dab in the closing chapters of "Atlas Shrugged" and no one seems to be awake to that fact our world is crumbling around our ears. I wish there was a magic fix for all of these problems but until everyone wakes up to what's going on nothing, on a large scale, will get fixed. I still try to stay active locally and sometimes that makes me feel like I'm getting something done but other times it just pisses me off like everything else seems to. It kills me to see what's happening but I guess you just have to pick your battles and hope you can win enough of them before the war is over. Anyway, that's how I see things. That may be myopic but I have to be that way right now. I keep telling myself it will get better if we keep working at it. So, for now, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and careful.