Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So. Only 70 days until our vacation! Woot woot! That’s, like, almost only two months! Oh lordy, I absolutely cannot wait. Today Kaden and I went up on the roof for 20 minutes (him slathered in sun block, me in a bikini top and shorts going for that elusive Abu Dhabi tan) and Kaden was downright pissed at me at the end of the 20 minutes. He was pointing to the door and kept repeating “doh home!” (‘go home’). So we went home and he was red for an hour and a half. Unfortunately it isn’t even June yet and already it’s well over 100 during the day. It was still 104 the other night at 8 at night! We’ve flirted with ideas of “walking the Corniche” or “grilling on the roof”, but then we have to merely glance out the window and watch the waves of visual heat to quickly change our minds. Stupid hot.

I did a count today and I realized I’ve read 8 books since school ended, which was on May 13th. Today is only the 27th, so 8 books in 14 days, which is one book every two days. At that rate, I could give ML a run for her money and read 110 more books before the end of the year! I’m not going to do that, but it’s kind of neat to think of how many books one could read in a year if they REALLY put their mind (eyes?) to it. Instead, I think I will try to knit more to take up the time. Might as well have something to show for my time wasting instead of cooking and reading which show nothing (except a full tummy and some useless knowledge about Pigeons??? Marcia… what the heck is up with the Pigeon book??? Seriously. She sent me a book called “Pigeons”… it’s about… Pigeons. Haha. Ooookay. I will have to read it eventually to see what I’ve been missing in the world of pigeons).

Kaden has decided to ward off boredom, he will test his Mommy’s patience level over and over. Today I was talking to Mimi on IM for about twenty minutes. Kaden kept coming in and out of his room, so I knew he was alive and hadn’t choked or fallen to his death. What I didn’t know was that during his away-from-Mommy time he’d emptied an entire bottle of baby powder on his room. I say “on” because he quite literally covered every surface of his room with the fun white substance and then left little white footprints out of the room and down the hall. I was so shocked I didn’t even think to get pictures of it until I was done cleaning it up. Sorry about that.

Yesterday he was in my room, which is where I keep my knitting stuff (sharp needles and little eyeballs don’t seem like a great plan to me). He looked into my knitting box and said, “Oooohhhh! Wooooow!” He saw the baby dolls. Uh oh. So I scooted him out of the room and he proceeded to cry for ten solid minutes, all the while saying “Peas. Beebee.” and pointing to my door. I’m a complete wimp when it comes to his sad tears (not his brat tears, there’s a big difference) and I gave in and gave him the “beebee”. He instantly fell in love and has been carrying his beebee all over the house, kissing it, wrapping it up, and rocking it. Stu said a few months ago that he could have “no dolls”, but we won and he LOVES his new toy.

Here he is with his new “beebee”:

The baby is wrapped in that blanket and they are watching TV together.


  1. Oh! Sweet baby! Why can't he have a doll? It just teaches him empathy and nurturing. Obviously he wanted something to "love" (and of course the novelty that it was "off limits" was appealing as well!). He is so adorable!

  2. He's so cute with his beebee. Tell Stu it is ok for boys to play with dolls, it teaches them to be kind to babies and be good fathers someday.

  3. Aw so cute!! And the doll is so much bigger than the original picture made it look! How neat.

    We're looking forward to the vacation too! :-)

  4. Yes, I agree with MO...that is the cutest thing of all! He will not get used to playing with dolls as soon as he sees a new truck or car, so don't worry, Stu, it will all work out! Doug used to play with MO's Barbie Dolls, although I think he had something else that was "entertaining" to him ON those dolls!! hahha And, since K's mommy made this doll, it means even more to him! I think it's a great idea to allow a little boy have a "doll"...and it's not a "real" doll with hair and movable parts, it's only a knitted doll, which is neither one gender or another! Just watch his sweet face as he plays with it, the love that he will express will thrill you! Love you guys!! P.S....sorry about the powder mess..did I get blamed for it?? ahhaha

  5. That is the most adorable of Kaden with the baby on the couch.

  6. oh my goodness...that is SO cute! watch out he will be having his own beebees in no time! just kidding...don't want to get you thinking of will be a LONG time down the road! :)

  7. "Why can't he have a doll? It just teaches him empathy and nurturing."

    Well-said. Owing dolls doesn't make one 'gay' :p

    Kaden appears to have injured himself under his nose?