Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finger Painting

With school over as of yesterday, I've been trying to think ahead and ward off boredom by planning an activity for Kaden each day. Yesterday I found a recipe for homemade finger paints, which were super easy to make. Kaden invited Myla over to paint and then play and they both seemed to enjoy it. :)
Here is Kaden's art masterpiece:

If anyone has any fun activity ideas, let me know! (Also, feel free to email more often these days... I have a LOT less on my plate)

Today we are working on shapes! :)


  1. A good masterpiece to keep for posterity.
    its a pretty one.

  2. He's going to be a great arteest!

    A few ideas...
    -Homemade playdough is usually a hit.
    -Does he ever cook with you? It might be fun for him to help you mix cookies or something with his hands, then get to eat what he "cooked."
    -When I kept kids, one of their favorite things after working at the main table was to help clean it - with shaving cream. :-) We just sprayed Barbasol all over it, and they can dive in and rub/draw all over the table with it until it's dry.

    I'll see what else I can think of.

  3. Sarah has some great ideas. Bubbles are fun too. With my little 2 year old I keep, I know she is VERY entertained playing imagination games (like with her babies, etc.) We just "pretend" and change the baby's diaper, put it to bed, etc. She also loves to paint (with cool "dot" paints - like Bingo daubers, and also w/ brushes), go for walks and go to the park (both not as easy for you, admittedly!). I'm searching for a cool book I have somewhere around here that's chock-full of ideas for toddler/preschoolers. I will send on some more ideas when I find it! Also, I LOVE his masterpiece. I want to frame it! :)

  4. - We also used to love making vests out of paper grocery bags. Cut a slit up the middle of the front of the bag, connect that to a hole for the head out of the bottom, and cut 2 separate holes on each side at the bottom for the arms. He can draw and stick stuff on it to decorate it, then wearing it around is the best part! And different ones can be made. We did this when learning about Native Americans, so we also made headpieces. They're pretty easy on the fly though - I think we just folded construction paper to give it some stability and stapled its size after fitting it around their heads. Then they can decorate it with feathers or what not.

    - I'm sure you've done some searching already. I thought this website had some great ideas: I especially think the first one on there with the water bottles would be SO much fun! Makes me wish I stil kept the kids!