Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christmas Again!

We got not one but TWO boxes yesterday! One from Mimi and one from my Mom and it was totally Christmas again! Kaden was thrilled with the new jammies and clothes my Mommy sent (such a weird kid, getting excited about clothes, hehe), squealing with delight at each one I handed to him. And then I broke out the kazoo and harmonica from Mimi and the puzzle from my Mom and he was good for the night.

Stu and I also got cool stuff including, awesomest for me, a bunch of knitting needles from Mimi and some pattern books! I was so excited. And bras. Hooray. And of course, my wonderful Mommy sent more Chewy Sprees!!! Stuie got a shirt and candy and there were a lot of assorted other wonderful treats for us. It is seriously like a holiday and I can’t wait to use my new needles and get started on a new magazine (I did start a new book that Mimi sent yesterday… The Wednesday Letters. We will see how it goes). Thanks Mommy and Mimi! We love you!

I forgot to post these the other day... I was washing dishes and left Kaden alone with a magazine he was supposed to be destroying for about two minutes. Turns out he found a pen and here is what I found:

Happy boy!


  1. Looks like he's a pro for washable tattooing!! He can join Hayley at the beach with a Sharpie and have a ball drawing on himself! Hayley did a great job of artwork on Jeff's legs and the other girl's feet! haha If he had no paper on which to write, why wouldn't you just use your little fat legs!! He does look very pleased with himself! Love you guys!!!

  2. I gave Mimi The Wednesday Letters. You'll have to let me know how you like it. I think it was a book club pick for us a while back. It's a quick, easy read. The pen thing reminded me of a story - Hannah was at a playdate with Lexi Bedell and another little girl. They were left alone for a few minutes and found a blue permanent marker (you know those Marks-a-Lot kind) and they colored everywhere on their bodies that was NOT covered by clothes. Therefore, we did not discover this bit of "artwork" until bathtime. Hannah's stomach, back, legs, etc. were totally scribbled on, and Lexie's....well.....let's just say..unmentionables were colored front to back!! It took weeks and many baths to get that off!

  3. First its the legs, then its M's down the stairs wall in multiple colors of crayons... I won't name any names again.....SYDNEY!!! :-)
    Hahahahahaha!!!!! I think that one took Mimi 3 or 4 coats of paint to cover. :-) I love you MILLIONS!!!!!