Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stupid Sickypants.

So, I am sick again. I had gotten all snooty, bragging that "since we've been here, I haven't been sick once" blah blah blah. Those who know me well know that I have the worst immune system in the history of the world and if a sick someone merely visits the same store as I do, in the same day, I will get their sick. It sucks.

But, up until Italy, I'd been very lucky and hadn't gotten any more "sick" than a runny nose the whole time we'd been here. Then of course I wanted to die after Stu so graciously passed on his sick to me after we got back and now, less than a month later, I am freaking sick again!

The sniffles I can deal with, but this has been the (swine flu) mother of all sicknesses, complete with two golf-ball-sized-tonsils that flap when I talk... I shit you not, achy body... like where I have to roll over every ten minutes at night because my hips hurt so bad I'm SURE they're going to detach themselves from my body (poor Stu sleeping with tossy-turner last night), and just all-around fatigue. Yuck! Luckily I have not had any tummy issues this time, thank goodness, but everything else is present and accounted for. I've been in my jammies (the same jammies) for two whole days now and I only got about 4 hours of combined sleep last night.

Poor Kaden really just wants to hang out and play while I'm laying on the couch instead and trying to talk him into watching another Disney movie. It's days like these that living so far away is toughest. I really just want to call Marcia and ask her to take him so I can lay, guilt-free, in bed all day and whine and complain until it's over. Ugh.
On a more positive note, we got to talk to Mimi and Papa, Marcia and Deven, AND Kyle yesterday morning on webcam (our morning). So that was nice. Kaden was working out with Daddy and showed off all his mad stretching skills.
He has remained a happy boy though, despite having to play alone. Here are some pics! (btw, the mirror is so nasty because yesterday he got ahold of his sunblock and decided to "paint" the mirror. I will clean it eventually.)

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