Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pick-Up Lines.

As any girl who lives in this country (and has a MySpace account) knows that there are no real means of dating here. Single men have overcome this obstacle by stalking gals on Social Networking sites. On my MySpace account, I get between 2 and 10 friend requests and emails daily from Arab men in the UAE. Usually I have the "block user" function (and "deny") handy, but sometimes they are pretty funny in their translation or absurdity. I've gotten a kick out of A Canadian In Abu Dhabi's running series of these "come ons" (check out a few of them here and here).

So I thought I'd share one I received this morning:

"hi honey
how are you.. iam interested to you sweet heart
you looking very especial girl and beautiful
worm regards

Worm regards? Hmmmm...


  1. Ewwwwww...

    And those from the Canadian's are a bit creepy too... not as much as someone sending you worm regards though.

  2. Flatery is flatery even if it's a bit creepy. I think.

    I think the best one I ever heard was a guy in New York tell a waitress (put on your best New York Gumba accent to get the full effect) "Jesus Christ Doll. You gotta seta getaway sticks that'd make a priest kick out a stained glass window." That's classy!