Thursday, October 23, 2008

Count-down Chains!

Remember back in elementary school when an exciting event was coming up? Usually my teachers would have a creative way to "count down" to that fun day, whether it was the count-down to Christmas with the same number of cotton balls on a Santa's beard as days left... tearing one off daily, or, my favorite idea, the chain! So, since I have two important dates upcoming, I made chains!

The first is a count-down to Mimi and Papa getting here... their "Zero Day" is December 15th, so that chain (the one around the window in the photos) is a daily count-down, with each chain sporing the date and how many days are left! We tear one off every night before we go to bed.

The second chain is a weekly chain, denoting the weeks we have left to be here! I have two color schemes representing the acheivement of different important dates on that chain. That one is a little more depressing though because we can only pull of one chain a week, but it is shorter!

Here are my chains!

Mimi and Papa chain

Going home chain! (Excuse the HUGE mess on the dresser... it doubles as my vanity AND bookshelf at the moment)


  1. I love the paper chains. I used to love those in school too. I'm sure your counting down the minutes until Mimi and Papa come, you'll have a great time showing them around. I wonder what the locals will think of seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus so close to Christmas. CheyAnn really thinks her Great Uncle Bill is the real Santa and tells all her friends about him. She even has a picture of him last year in Glouster with shorts and a hat on and loves to show that one, Santa in regular clothes.

    I'm also sending you lots of virtual hugs, I can't even imagine how tough it is for you to be so far from home in such an unfriendly place.


  2. I used to love count-down chains!

  3. I remember chains, I loved those! Such a great idea for while you're there.

  4. Awww........I love countdown chains!

  5. Well, we love count-down chains, too, especially when we are part of it!! Yesterday was 54 days and the most exciting part was today we received our passports!!! We "renewed" our old passports and there were two envelopes in the mail, one for Papa and one for me. I opened Papa's first and it was a passport but had his OLD picture on it!! Well, I was so pissed that they had used his old picture when I realized it was his OLD passport and a new one would be following! Then mine was my NEW passport but I did not received back my old one!! DUH!! I hope they are in the mail tomorrow!! But if all else fails, I have THE passport and can come on time...hahaha Papa won't trim his beard until after we visit, so Shelly, yes, I'm sure some of the locals will take a second notice to the presence of Santa in their midst even though they do not believe in any such "Christian" things!!! LOL Their loss, not ours!! Anyway, the closer it comes and the more I look up at the Middle Eastern map we have pinned to our wall in the bedroom, above our computer, the excitement grows and we can hardly sleep!! Everyone we tell about this trip thinks it's the greatest trip we'll ever take! We think so, too. We can't wait to get there and have all that time with our precious little great-grandson and, oh yeah, Stu and Sydney, too!! haha It's going to be so great. Sydney, once in a while send us a pic of the chain growing smaller and smaller!!! Love you all...M and P