Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Times.

This weekend has been nice, but also fairly uneventful. Stu and I both don’t feel great today and this started last night. But yesterday I got to meet with the group of knitting gals again and that really was a great experience. I really like their personalities, and the creations they make are great. I think I want to try out knitting or crocheting at some point. But I got to have a coffee and then Stu and Kaden came to pick me up and we ate dinner at a FABULOUS place in the mall called Figaro’s Pizza. It was so great. The best pizza and breadsticks I’ve had in Abu Dhabi and the prices were nothing to complain about. So, if you’re looking for good pizza or other Italian food here, check out Figaro’s!

Here are some pics of the midget from this weekend!

He decided to use this toy as a seat, but kept having a hard time getting "sat" on it.

Going in for the sit...

Yay! Sitting!

While I was having coffee with the girls, Stu and Kaden made a picture for me! This is Kaden's first artwork!

Playing soccer in the hallway!

Daddy taught him how to kick the ball and now he won't stop! :)


  1. here's the ravelry link:
    this way you can join and search through the patterns until you find something that inspires you. then we'll help you get started! : ) and also make sure you join the UAE group!

  2. OMG Kaden looks so cute! Sitting baby! Just watch he's gonna be a total hot shot in the pre-schools! You should frame his first artwork and hang it somewhere! That's what my mom did with mine! XOXO

  3. Well I didn't frame it, but i did hang it up in our room! Hehe