Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The celebrate Eid yesterday we went to Papa John's during the DAY for lunch! It was great. We got to have cheese sticks and the Arabian pizza (who would have thought to put potatoes on pizza??). It was yummy!

Stu and I also played some Boggle while Kaden napped. We REALLY haven't done much this break so far and I am not sure if we will. If anyone has any fabulous ideas of things to do while we have a few days off, let me know! :)

In lieu of doing fun things I opted to clean the bathroom. Yuck. But now it is fresh and shiny! Heh. Stu cleaned the kitchen and I mopped the house. We could definitely find something better to do with our time I'm sure!

Right now my boys are both napping and I am watching The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet. We're so lame.


  1. Sometimes doing nothing IS doing something - if you are just relaxing it's ok! Hmmm......maybe you could do your Christmas shopping online? Or make Halloween decorations? Or some of that homemade playdough? Or just go out shopping and eating all day!

  2. I think doing some scrapbooking shots would be a great idea. Like the comparison of hands and feet of you, Stu and sir, and height comparisons etc. You know I'll always vote for new pics! Even staged ones :-)! Set that camera to auto and get some Family shots!
    I Love You!

  3. Now that I know you have a Boggle game, you can bet I will whip your butts good when I get there!! LOLOL Practice, practice, practice!! That's all I have to say...hahaha

    If you have time, you could make some Christmas decorations, too, along with MO's suggestions! Or as she said...resting is not wasting time! Love you!! Mimi