Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paranoia, or Just Love?

So, after a fitful sleep last night, I finally gave up at 7 AM to go check on the breathing of my midget. He was feeling warm when he woke up yesterday morning and my midday he had a full-blown fever and diarrhea. I gave him Tylenol (the real, American stuff) every 4 hours as I know I’m supposed to do, but after the MMR shot, I find myself ultra-paranoid. All I could think of last night was Jenny finding Evan having a seizure in his bed. I went through plenty of horrible scenarios, trying to figure out which hospital to take Kaden to if something like that were to happen, and what they would do when I got there, since, as we all know, this place isn’t really rated for their healthcare system.

So I laid in bed and tossed and turned and probably kept Stu up. Throughout my pregnancy I was always concerned with the idea of my kid being “weird” in the sense that something would be mentally wrong with him. I remember even as an early teenager being scared of the possibility. So when Kaden was born with the right amount of fingers and toes and a perfect Apgar score, I felt relieved and blessed. But it seems that there are a never ending list of things that can still be or go wrong with my Monkey. Am I just destined to be a worry-wart for the rest of my life?

Luckily, Kaden was breathing fine all six (seriously) times I checked on him and he finally woke up after 13 ½ hours of sleep to say hello to Mimi, Marcia and Deven on webcam, still warm, but generally a happy camper. Tonight when he went to bed he was almost back to normal-Kaden-heat and was only mildly crabby. Here’s hoping tomorrow he is back to my energetic, goofy baby!

Is it normal to worry about your kids like this? What about those of you with teenagers, or, ahem, Mom, with grown-but-still-learning daughters, does it get any easier to not worry as much???

Also, thanks to Doug and Marcia for their insight and thoughts on the minds of audience members. I appreciate you very much!

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  1. You never stop worrying about your kid's, even when they kid's of their own. That is just being a good parent. And you are doing a gerat job, and we couldn't be more proud of you!!!
    Being a parent is a life time job, and one well worth the effort most of the time.
    You'll never regret ever doing it.
    Love, grand pa Fox

  2. I have to agree with Grandpa Fox on this one. You never stop worrying. And you can find ANY reason to worry. However, worry is a wasted emotion, because what is going to happen will happen. You keep them safe, raise them well, and hope for the best. But you still never stop worrying!

  3. OK...let's see now. I remember having four kids in four and a half years. Jesus, yes, you do worry. Every day, every moment, all your life. However, after a while you get used to it. Hell, I still "worry" about my kids and they are all 40-ish. (Yes, one of them is still "under" 40 for a few more months - hi Doug!). A parent's care and love is the most they need; the least, respect. If you can do all that and blend the emotions together, you will succeed. Being a mom isn't too hard, but the first baby will freak you out so many times!! ha You will become a "pro" as soon as baby #2 is born! Now, all of you reading this, don't get up in arms...I am not saying Sydney is pregnant!! haha Only that after you have more than one, your fears somewhat leave. Hope Kaden is feeling better now. I'm sure he is with all the love he receives! Love you all of you...Mimi and Papa con amore