Saturday, October 11, 2008

My New Food Blog!

I have created a new blog specifically for my recipes. I got a lot of response from a few recipes I posted on this blog so I decided to start another blog where I will post only recipes and food-related stuff. I will also stop posting recipes here for those of you who could care less.

Sooooo, check out the new blog!!! And if you have any questions about a recipe, or want to request any others, feel free to leave a comment there. Thanks!

Here is the link, or you can always go to my profile page and it will be listed under "Blogs" there:


  1. This OLD cook LOVES reading someone else's recipes, especially recipes that have been tried and altered to suit your taste. You know I love to cook so this is a blog I will read many times a week!! You are so clever in doing this! Love you!! Mimi

  2. What a great idea! I haven't tried anything yet, but now I won't have to print the entire blog to get the recipe! :-)
    Love, Mamma