Wednesday, October 8, 2008

H, H, and H

Mary-Leah (my aunt for those of you not related to me) posted a blog the other day about her family going to the Pacific Science Center (again, those who don't know nerd me, it is the COOLEST place ever!). I found a picture in my stash from the last time I was there, which was sadly when I was 18... here is the picture from then:

Mary-Leah's kids Harrison (the little boy standing in front of me), Hayley in the green shirt, and Hannah in the red shirt) Flower, one of my other cousins is in blue, and my little sister Maddison is in the striped shirt.

And Now:

Hayley is in the striped shirt, Arlie in the left-middle, Harrison, and Hannah. Look how big they are now! :) I just thought it was fun that I had this picture and how much they have changed in 5 years!


  1. Awwww..........such a cute post! I can't believe how little they were! I remember that day we went there, they had that roller coaster exhibit going on. And we did the simulator movie thing. Yeah, they grow up fast. Don't let it slip by!

  2. Wow I forgot about that picture! Dang I used to think my 5' 4" was short but now I realize how tall I've gotten! Fun stuff! I also remember our trip to the zoo the next much fun! Love you!

  3. Oh yeah! The Woodinville zoo is still one of the best zoos ever! That was such a fun trip!