Sunday, October 26, 2008

There's a New Knitter in Town!

So it finally happened! After only three times of meeting with my knitting gals, one of them, Lulu (a South African), taught me how to knit! We started off really simple with just ten rows and she was SOOOO patient with me as I learned. Before we left the group, Charmaine (she’s the Australian) sent me off with her copy of a pattern that Hala (from Lebanon) had translated from French and they are both working on. Of course, as soon as I got home, I messed SOMETHING up (no idea what happened) and all of a sudden my yarn was inside of a few of my stitches and after combing the internet for a while I could not figure out how to fix it. So I had to unravel the whole thing and then learn how to cast on by myself since I hadn’t learned this skill yet! So I did and screwed it up two more times (more unraveling, poor yarn!) and now I have two rows on there. But I takes me SO long to do, who knows how long this project will take me! Haha.

I have such a good time with those ladies every time we get together though, so it is nice to be there for the same reason they are now! It is so refreshing getting to have coffee with women! I miss having other women around that I can relate to. Lindsay, Eva, Kundi and I make up the resident American women, though Kundi didn’t make it this time. Jenny was a Canadian that came by with yarn as she is starting her own yarn shop in Dubai. It was a really nice time and I always come away feeling so much more positive than when I went in.

Lindsay gave me a ride home after swinging by IKEA and True Value (a place Stu and I MUST head to, only to resist buying everything!). I have to say, there is nothing better than being able to have someone understand the stressors you experience daily. I am missing Rainy, who is STILL in Brazil (!!!) but Lindsay has been a nice replacement while she’s gone. I hope to get together more often with the girls as I know we can definitely all use the camaraderie (Eva??? :)).

Here I am knitting for the first time! Thanks Lulu!

Here are Eva (sitting) and Jenny looking through a book of yarn samples.

And here we're just enjoying some coffee and chatting. Lindsay, me, Lulu, and Sharon.

I mentioned how Stu taught himself to play the harmonica from YouTube videos. Now Kaden thinks this little part of one of his toys is his own harmonica and he goes around with it in his mouth while he blows into it and hums. My little musician in the making!

(*photo credit: Thank you Charmaine for the pictures of this weekend!)


  1. i'm so excited for you!!! and you even tought your self to cast on!!! that's fabulous.. show pic updates of your progress....

  2. So, the best part of this post was being able to click on the other women's blogs and get a different perspective of life in UAE and how you all are dealing with it. I should write a book! Very cool. And I'm jealous of the knitting. Grandma B once tried to teach me to crochet. She took one look at me holding the crochet hook and said "oh, you're left handed?" and I said "yes" and she took the hook from me and said "forget it - I can't teach you if you're left handed". Geesh! Talk about feeling inferior. I've never tried knitting, but Arlie joined the knitting club at school last year (that was short lived!). But the kids knit squares that are made into blankets for Hopelink, a local social services organization. At least she tried, though! I wish I'd learned to knit years ago, as I think about how many hours I spent waiting for kids during dance lessons, sports practices, etc. Could have knitted the whole world a sweater in that time! Anyway, good for you and have fun! Love, Mo.

  3. It's amazing how you learned to knit this quick! Welcome aboard the knitting bandwagon!!!

    You're son is adorable:):)

  4. it is awsome that you mange through the net to teach yourself how to cast on, congrats.......!!
    don't worry for unraveling you workseveral times , we all passed through this stage...

  5. Sorry I haven't commented in so long - I have been cooking meals so the kids and David won't eat fast food while I'm laid up with my knee - I sure wish I knew how to knit for these nest 3 weeks! I am going to be sooo bored! I am glad you learned how to knit, maybe you will teach me when you guys move back to CdA! Great idea to include the links to the ladies blogs. Now we get to read about everyone! You should have Rainey make one too!
    Love, Mamma

  6. Momica just said "... when you guys move back to CDA." Is this happening or still up in the air?

  7. No, she misspoke (or perhaps from Freud was involved!), we're moving back to Boise when we get to vacate Hell.