Monday, October 27, 2008

Perspective. Part Two.

My last post got me thinking. Do you ever feel shocked about how much your life can change in such a short period of time? I had my mp3 player on while I was writing the last post and a song came on that made me laugh because Stu and I, in our own personal way of rebellion, play dirty or foul American Rock and Rap songs in our car while we drive around here. Devious, I know. We're hardcore like that. Heh.

But it made me think how much things have changed in the past few years. I mean, let's face it, a few years ago I was the obnoxious drunk chick in the bar picking fights with boys who pushed themselves too hard on me. (Seriously. Sad. I know) And now I am playing wifey and Mommy, living my 1950s life in a "developing" Muslim country.

Couple years ago...

And now...

Who the hell came up with that expression, btw. Really most of us who are using it are using it as a synonmy to "sucky"... what exactly constitutes "developing"? That was all painfully random, but just a few things going through the old noggin.

We got Marcia and Mimi's packages! Holy crap candy! lol. I don't know how we will EVER use all the Halloween candy they sent, but thank you so much for sending some American spirit! I had a meltdown in Spinney's the other day over a pumpkin. I'll save that post for when we get it carved though. Stay tuned.

They sent fun decorations too though. So Mo sent some towels and silverware (she sent Kaden some Halloween bowls too but they cracked on the way here. :( ) Marcia sent some pumpkin and "fall" decorating streamer things, a "Mummy" outfit for Kaden, glasses with a gross green nose attached to it, and Mimi sent a TON of candy and a card that sings that Kaden won't leave alone! Haha. So we're officially feeling like we're experiencing the Halloween-ness of Halloween. And we only had to celebrate it for 4 days, while I am sure the rest of you have been bombarded with it for the past two months! See? There are some good things about living away from it all.

I still think it is just SO weird that my son looks like me AND my husband. So here are two pictures that I think are basically the same, but where he looks like Mommy and then in the second one, like Daddy!

Enjoying the singing card!


  1. what a drastic change :)
    you had your moments i guess hihii

  2. I have always thought he looked more like you and only sometimes looked like Stu, but as he is getting older his looks are melding into a nice blend of both of you. However, the big smile look - sorry to say you are right - THAT is definately Stu!! :-)
    Love, Mamma

  3. Oh God, I was just looking at that picture of you on Halloween a few years back and I was laughing so hard because I just walked in the door from buying some fishnets! I'm not going as a drag queen though, more of a hard-core Daisey Duke! Heh. I'll post pictures soon.
    BTW, I think you could probably still pick some fights if you wanted to!

  4. I usually picked on people smaller than me in the bar, but have a similar picture of me in my college days. Cheers to changes (drinking pumpkin ale, of course)- why fight the changes? They make life more interesting!

  5. OMG, he does look like you guys in those photos! Wow. What a cutie. And I remember those photos (I think I might have taken them even??). What a night. You trashy 'ho! HAHA!