Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Hubby the Reader.

When Stu and I first met, he was not a reader. I am. This became sort of irritating for us both right off the bat when after he started staying at my place I would pull out my book at “bed time” and he was ready for lights out and sleep. It took me having to get a little night-light on my side of the bed for him to be able to get to sleep when he wanted to. I tried getting him to read with me, pushing both The DaVinci Code and General Tommy Franks’ American Soldier on him. Neither captured him. So I was dismayed and accepted the fact that my boy just didn’t like to read.

THEN he read SSN by Tom Clancy. I have never been a Clancy fan. My Mom is though and she gave Stu the book and he was hooked. We went to Borders and he picked up three or four more Clancy novels and dove right in. I realized that he didn’t have to like the books I necessarily liked and I was just thrilled he’d found his niche.

Jump to today. We have been reading in bed together for two years now and Stu has liked some books and not been thrilled with others. But we have finally found “THE” book for him. It is called Lone Survivor and it is about a group of guys in Afghanistan where there turned out to be (duh) one guy that made it out alive. He is our age obviously, and it’s a real story, so Stu has latched on like no other book he’s ever read. He watches the clock at night so he can go get in bed with this book.

I just finished (literally ten minutes ago… which is why I have the computer now and am not reading instead) Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. Holy Crap. Read it. So we both were equally engrossed in our respective books this past week or so. It has been so great to see him genuinely excited about a book since reading is as much a part of me as my right hand. I just wanted to praise Stu on his new-ish-found hobby. I think the world would be a better place if everyone would read just a little more! :)

Happy Reading!


  1. I wish I could get my hubby to read! I love reading before bed! thank you for the comment on my blog! I started the blog because you gave me the idea. I love reading yours and hope people will like reading mine too. thanks again!

  2. Wow. Sisters we are. Not only does Kyle refuse to read, but so does my roommate. So that leads to a lot of lonely nights with me sitting out in the hallway finishing up a good book! Hopefully I can get kyle out of his "I've never read a book in my life" state of mind by turning him onto Clancy. I bought State of Fear today, its in my "must read" pile.

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  4. Who wrote that Lone Survivor book? Sounds like something that Kyle would like. And you should give me a list of books I need to read cause I have read everything I own at least twice and need new stuff.

  5. Ok, the author of Lone Survivor is Marcus Luttrell. And I definitely will tell you some good ones I've stumbled upon recently!