Sunday, October 5, 2008

Green Grass.

As promised, this blog will have Kaden pictures!

As I had mentioned, Stu, Kaden and I had a great time “off” this past week. We did the normal things like cruise the mall and get a Starbucks (during the day!) and we also decided to drive around the Grand Mosque, and just sort of “explore” drive. We happened upon a huge park scattered with playground equipment and green grass. We were so excited! The first day we went was around 2 in the afternoon so it was pretty hot still. Kaden and I got a little sunburned. Then we went back the next day, bearing barbeque equipment and a picnic blanket, we made burgers for dinner. We all had a great time, especially Kaden as he explored the grass and ran off without us.

Getting together to barbeque in the park is a big activity among the locals as was apparent the evening we were there. Families come out with pots and pots of food and just hang out on the grass, smoking shisha after they eat. It was a pretty cool experience. One which I am sure we will be doing much more often. We’ve already scoped out some beach chairs for the next time we go out there. Plus it is within view of the monstrosity that is the Grand Mosque. We have been putting off going on the tour and now I think we might as well wait for Mimi and Papa to get here (mostly just because I want to see Mimi in a burqa! Lol).

Oh yeah! Huge, fabulous news: I got their itinerary from Mimi and Papa so in mid-December we will have them here with us! I am so excited to show them around the UAE and give them a taste of life here. I know they will enjoy it here and luckily for them, they will get to leave before they hate it! Haha. I would love that. All of the positives and none of the negatives. Sounds good!
That’s about it for me. Here are some pics from our time off.

Me at the park!

Little man at the park.

No fear. And no concern where Mom and Dad might be.

Definitely a happy baby!

My boys!

Kaden exploring and finding a stick.


Kaden's first time on a swing!

The next evening, here is a balloon man!

Kaden helping Daddy start the grill.

Such a good looking guy!

These were our neighbor grillers.

Me... and Kaden inside of his diaper bag!

Running off again.


  1. Love the new photos! And the park sounds pretty cool. I believe the book I sent about the Indian families often refers to a "balloon man" so it was funny to see an actual photo of one. I have another box for you to be sent this week! Yay! Love you and miss you!

  2. I know! I told Stu the story about the Afghani balloon man in the book! I loved that book. Such a great window into a world we'd never have the chance to see otherwise.

  3. The park is beautiful! We want to go there and cook out, too, if the weather is still OK and the park doesn't close during the "winter months!" haha I want to read this book you and MO talk about so give me the title and I'll look it up. I will send you an e-mail with a coule of questions I have about some people in your picture(s). Love to you later! XXXOOO

  4. What a nice looking park, so green and clean. I'm glad you guys found it and I'm sure you'll spend more time there playing with Kaden. He is so cute and getting so big.