Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dubai's Erectile Dysfunction

So, we've all heard about the HUGE, not even half-finished monstrosity that is the Burj Dubai. I’ve posted pics here before of it (in all of its hazy goodness) the times we’ve been to Dubai. Now, as with everything else in the UAE, it just isn’t good enough. New plans have been announced to build an even BIGGER tower, to be called the Nakheel Harbour (yeah, just an “o” is never good enough for the Brits, so spell it wrong we must) & Tower.

Here is the projection of what the current Burj Dubai will look like when completed.

Greaaaaaat. I worry that the whole city of Dubai, not being able to withstand the tremendous physical pressure such a large and obviously heavy building must bring, will detach from the UAE completely and sink into the sea. I am not sure of the physics involved, but with as much sand and concrete as they dumped into the sea to create their pretty little ecosystem-killing new land masses on which they built multi-million dollar “ocean-front” property, but I am pretty sure the Earth’s crust can only withstand so much. It makes me glad to safe over here in “shabby” “little” Abu Dhabi, where we just compete with the world by trying to build the most malls within a 5-square-mile area.

So, for your viewing pleasure, the newest potential erection in the Dube:

Nakheel Harbour & Tower

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  1. Can't wait to see what so much oil money can build!! wow! haha