Sunday, October 19, 2008

Park Time!

Last night we took a picnic to the park again and had a dandy time. Stu and I brought a little ball to toss around while Kaden explored (which felt every bit as retarded as you would imagine while clad in jeans…). It was nice. There was even a part of the night when I got a “chill”! Lol. It was probably still 85 out though.

Kaden was such a good picnicker! He sat with his dinner and ate his whole meal without trying to get up and play. I was impressed.

He was so confused by the birds. He kept looking around for where the noise was coming from.

Picnic time!


Not sure why, but there were helicopters flying overhead the whole time we were there.

Happy kid, as always!


  1. We can't wait to take a picnic with you to this park! We can't wait to see him running around having a great time! Do your birds sing like the mosque man? ha

    Love you...Mimi and Papa

  2. Just have to say your lil man is SOOOO CUTE! He has the cutest eyes I have ever seen!