Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sydney's Book Recommendations

Ok, per Melissa’s request I decided to make a list of some of the good books I have read lately! (Perhaps I will do this occasionally). I've hyperlinked the books to their Amazon pages in case you're interested in picking any of them up.
I know I have talked about some of these books on here before, so excuse the repeats! :)

The Nanny Diaries. By Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. This book is for anyone who's ever been a babysitter (Liss!). If you've ever had to take care of kids that aren't yours, even just for a few hours, you can relate to this book. The end was very emotional for me. Bawled for like ten solid minutes. Good one.

Patty Jane's House of Curl. By Lorna Landvik. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this one before, but it was just a good book. Nothing real amazing or anything, but I really enjoyed it. It's short too so if you hate it, not a lot of wasted time.

I blew through Mary Higgins Clark's No Place Like Home. I am just a MHC fan no matter what. This wasn't her best book, but it was definitely better than the last few. It's kind of eerie in her way, so that's always fun.

I know I've talked about this one for sure. The Space Between Us by Thirty Umrigar. This was the one about an Indian woman (or, two families more specifically) who struggles with life... dealing with the differences in class and privilege. Very powerful book, and a great glimpse into a way of life we'll never know.

So ahead and read Dean Koontz' The Husband. It was good for what it was. I like those types of thriller/mystery style books that keep you reading till the very end and leaves you pretty satisfied. Very MHC style here.

Best of all! Last night I finished State of Fear by Michael Crichton (yeah the Jurassic Park guy). SUCH a good book and I don't know how I'd missed it for so long. I found myself questioning everything I "knew" about climate change and global warming as I read the book. It made me Google the crap out of references and scientific journals. It was the perfect book for making you interested in learning more about what you don't know. So good. Prepare for late nights though if you delve into this one.


  1. I'm so glad you're reading the books I sent!! I just finished "Burnt Toast" by Teri Hatcher and now I'm reading "Life of Pi". Mostly I've just been catching up on my magazines as of late. I'll send more books!!!

  2. Syd have you ever read MHC's Where Are The Children? It was the first book of hers I read and I just remeber how great it was.Still have long trem memory can't say much for the short term these days..hehe! Couldn't put it down. Me and Randi are into reading and sharing books by Karen Kingsberry. Good, easy reads

  3. Yes, I have read Where Are the Children. I've read all of MHC's books though and I keep waiting until she writes another one. It's going to be a sad day for me when she retires! Haha. Same with John Grisham. But I will have to try Karen Kingsberry. I've never heard of her and I'm already looking for a new author to love! :) Thanks!