Monday, October 27, 2008


I've heard a lot of people tell me we're gaining a lot of "perspective" by being here and I can totally agree when I sit with my multi-facetted groups of people and chat. But there are some things that happen here that still blow me away.

Ok, in Boise we’ve had our share of naming contests. Like “Name the Ride” at Roaring Springs, where the winner of the name chosen could win 4 season passes to the park. Or the zoo’s “Name the Baby Penguin” contest where the winner got a family season pass. But with the world economy crumbling and everyone having to pinch extra pennies each week, there are a few news stories that could catch one by surprise.

The (as my Brit friends would say) “Wicked Youuuge” Burj Dubai has a fountain out front (or will… or something) and they created a naming contest for it… the prize being 100,000 Dirham (About 30,000 US dollars). The fabulous, larger-than-life name that took the prize???

“Dubai Fountain.”

Yes, it’s all a matter of perspective, folks!

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