Friday, December 28, 2012

Boy things... Challenge Accepted.

So, we already know how I feel about gender roles... Now, I decided waiting for Stu to cut pieces of wood for me, sand them, paint them, and attach wall brackets for them would take far too long and would only give me a reason t be mad at him for not doing them on my schedule. Why not do them myself? ........ Why not indeed?!

So I set off to do this particular project All. By. Myself. It started off easy enough. I picked out the wood I wanted, which wasn't the wood Stu suggested, but it was MY pick. Then, Lowe's will make 4 cuts for free on any wood, which coincidentally was the number of cuts I needed, so voila! And I didn't have to risk an appendage wrestling with Stu's table saw. Then I picked out and ordered online the paint I wanted and the Mod Podge for the pictures I was doing. Cool. We all know I got myself accidentally high last night, which was a minor woopsie, but what is trial without error, eh?

So now I just have to affix the pictures to the wood and we will be done! I plan on doing this final step tomorrow once the in-laws leave and the kids are down for nap and I will TRY to remember to take pictures. I have realized I suck at this part. I am great at taking "before" pics and then "progress pics"... but apparently, once the work is done and it is finished, it completely escapes me to get an "after" picture. Silly girl. So below, because I JUST remembered tonight, are the before and after of the awful wallpaper wall in the kitchen, and also a pic of my new pot rack, because, well, it is freaking AWESOME! :)

Today was a pretty chill day all in all. We had the family over for smoked pulled pork and I made coleslaw, baked beans, and homemade mac and cheese for sides and I think they all were pretty good. I got good reviews from the peanut gallery and I think I accomplished pretty damn close to my Momma's Mac N Cheese, so I am happy. :) More fun tomorrow. I get my babies all to myself! I am so excited!

Mommy sanding the boards.

In the garage... which is obviously the last place to "unpack and organize". Ugh. 



And my awesome new pot rack with just some of my new pots (I'm already putting them to good use!)

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