Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lowe's... our BFF.

So Stu decided he needed a work bench in the garage and I needed planters made for the herbs I want to grow in the kitchen window, so we set off so our favorite place these days: Lowe's. We are there so often for odds and ends (and sometimes huge, household purchases), that the staff recognizes our family. There is an elderly guy usually near lumber that loves Jackson, and a young, sweet girl who had two girls that are Kaden and Jackson's age that was holding out hope for a girl for me when I was pregnant with Lila, while I was sure we were having a third boy. We've spent a lot of time there and it's a place I know pretty well. It's so weird how places become comfort zones... they're like tangible memories. It's kinda fun. Especially when this is just a tiny part of our life, but a place where we know people and are small parts of their lives as well. It's kind of fun to imagine your place in someone else's life. Like, as small and insignificant as, say, a cashier at the grocery store, is in our own lives, that's how insignificant we are in theirs, and to each of us, our lives are the most important. Kind of mind blowing actually. Anyway, definitely a tangent, but it's fun to think about. To that woman who passes by, you might just be an extra in her movie sipping a cup of coffee. Weird.

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