Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook.

I spent a huge part of yesterday writing an eight-page-paper that is due Tuesday for Theory… one of the last things I have to do for that class and then I am FREE FOREVER! Today I got as much studying for the three upcoming finals I have as possible, but I kept getting distracted. My kids have been extra fun and needy, which is a fun combination, because they want me to play and hang around as much as I want to be there. Jackson invited me to come play in his room. He is so cute! He’s never done that before and I continue to be impressed with how many words he learns every single day! Smart boy. :)

But I also kept getting distracted by the news coverage of the investigation into the shooting. Seriously why or HOW could anyone go into a school and kill two classrooms of first graders? Six and seven-year-old. What the fuck? It is beyond my understanding and comprehension how this can happen.

I keep seeing news reports of this little girl because her Dad is the first of the child victims’ families to make a live, public statement. 

Her name is Emilie and she is the oldest of three children. She likes to draw and she always had something good to say about people.………. This could have been Kaden. I don’t know how any of these parents especially can move forward from this tragedy, but especially, as Emilie’s Dad said, to not let it define them. I’ve known people who have lost children in tragic ways and it DOES define them. Her Dad was completely poised and graceful though, and he sent heart-felt condolences to the family of the shooter. He is a bigger man than many would be under such circumstances.

The police released the names of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary. I feel like they can’t be read enough. We can’t forget people like this. There was no reason for this shooting. It’s just so sad.

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