Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Shopping.

I have successfully completed almost ALL of my Christmas shopping online this year! I have wanted to do this for years, but for whatever insane reason, I always end up in the stores, fighting and time wasting with the best of them. This year, and have been my heroes! Yay for online shopping and for this hopefully being the best Christmas ever. Jackson is IN LOVE with all things Christmas and even Lila (because she loves everything her brother loves) has been showing excitement and interest. The tree has been basically left alone after a few days of yelling at them to leave it alone (and 3 ornament casualties... one of which looked like the Captain America star and Jackson HAD to have it, so he gets a pass for that one).

I am so looking forward to Christmas and for the week off I get, so hopefully we can get the house more in order and unpacked and not spend all my time at work and school.

Yay for Christmas!

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