Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am a Champ.

Still was sick when I woke up today, but I have been feeling tentatively better throughout the day. I got in some baby playing time today before I went on a solo trip to the grocery store. It was pretty nice. I haven't had any real alone time in quite a few days and to be able to listen to my music and just be quiet and be me. It really was a nice change.

Then we went to Kuna for Mexifood because it was Marcia's birthday dinner, which was fun. The kids were a freaking riot, Lila being a ham and sing-songing her name, and Jackson "sprinkling" his rice on his plate... they were just all so hilarious. I love nights like that.

I ended the night painting some future "frames" for a project I am working on for the living room, and Lila's letters in her name for her room. Unfortunately, I didn't ventilate the garage while I was doing it and right at the end of the spray paint can I realized how light-headed I was. I couldn't even smell it while I was out there, tunes cranked and having a dandy time by myself. But by the time I went inside, I felt pretty gross. I blew my nose later and it was completely black. Oops. Next time we at least crack the garage door... even if it is a little colder than I'd like. :)

I came upstairs and cleaned the bathroom and then Facebooked for a bit and now it is bedtime. Tomorrow is the last day with Stu's parents here and I am making a pretty good-sized meal for the whole family. Looking forward to that and then to getting back to normal life and enjoying the remaining days of my time off with my babies all to myself.

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