Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Days...

So, 98% of the time, I absolutely love my role as a Mom and I love my kiddos like you wouldn't believe...
... but then there are days like today. Mondays suck for us anyway (and I mean more than they typically do anything) because I have a conference call that is an hour later than I usually leave for the day, and then I have to fly home an meet Stu at the door so he can run off for class.
As such, my kids are STARVED for Mommy attention, which I am more than happy to give, but it also means that I can do nothing else. Today the call went as long as it could have, so I rushed home as soon as it was over and LITERALLY met Stu in the garage as he left (late) for class. He said, "Nice to see you!" facetiously as he drove away.
I come inside and the kids are all talking/whining/crying at once at Mommy being home. I was absolutely starving and had no time to make anything because Lila cries if she is not being held on Monday because, after all weekend of being together, she misses me as much as I miss her.
So I was trying to balance keeping the kids happy with sautéing chicken and boiling pasta (Kaden said Dad said I didn't get any pancakes he had made them when I walked in... mostly because I don't like pancakes, but it's also nice to know my kid's a tattle tale. :)). Lila and Jackson decided they could climb on the entertainment center and, using their combined strength, rock the 52 inch TV until it teetered precariously on the edge and their Mom's face turned red as she yelled, "GET DOWN!!!"
Then I decided I was not going to get the complicated meal I wanted to make for the next day for Stu done, so I downgraded to just chicken and noodles, and Kaden is staging a “race” between himself and his siblings, and confused as to why this bothered me until Lila got literally run over in the process.
I put them in the rooms section of the house and put up the baby gate, where Jackson and Lila both stood and screamed/cried until I released them, so loud I had actually developed a headache in the 7 minutes I kept them there so I could finish dinner.
Eventually I got my food cooked, just in time for Kaden to say, "Mom, it is seven zero zero!" Fuck. The kids go to bed at 7:00. “Great job telling time, Bud! Can you go brush your teeth and get jammies on?”
I eye my food long enough to realize it’s not going to happen before bed time and I decide I might as well give up and get Jackson and Lila (who had a gnarly poopy diaper) into jams instead of trying to eat. Luckily by now I am not such a novelty and they have settled down from being excited about Mom and I can get them dressed and calmed down for bedtime.
After I cleaned up the toys in Jackson’s and Lila’s rooms, Stu had been released from class early and I came back into the dining room to a MAN standing there. “JESUS!” (it wasn’t…) After I got my heart out of my throat, I had much appreciated help getting the kids to bed and we ended up having a fairly relaxing night (albeit MAY too late as it is already approaching midnight and I have to be up at 6…) including an episode of The Good Wife (seriously, if you aren’t watching it, you should be. Download it, you are missing out.)
I love my kiddos to the moon, but I did nearly text in reinforcements this particular night. J Hopefully tomorrow will be more enjoyable for everyone.

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