Tuesday, December 18, 2012


On my way to work this morning I was sitting at a stoplight just minding my own business (less than a half-mile from work, I might add), and a lovely lady in a minivan decided to rear-end my car. Lovely. The good news is that there is mild damage to my BRAND NEW CAR... the bad news is that I was looking to the right out of my passenger window when it happened and therefore both did not see it coming, AND had my neck turned, so when she hit me, instead of typical front-to-back whiplash, I got freaky side whiplash. To make matters worse, because looking to the right in the driver's seat puts your chin over your non-restrained shoulder, the impact actually forces your shoulder away from your body and your head back toward the seat, so you get a nice long neck stretch in unnatural ways. So... today we learned... Hondas are sturdy... and that whiplash in the EXACT same manner as a wreck two years ago... hurts more. I felt a zing of pain immediately and then stiffness and tingling even well after the cops and EMTs arrived. Apparently those answers get you a trip to the hospital on a back board where they rip out half of your (awesomely styled) hair with the Velcro from the board straps. The x-rays came back fine, but the doc did say "whiplash sucks" and it could be a few weeks before it feels all the way better. So lame. If my last wreck was any indication of how I'll feel this time, tomorrow is going to suck even more than today.

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