Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UFC and... er... Studying.

Had class tonight... final review for the final next week... I also have two papers due in that class before then. (Insert stress here). I have class tomorrow too where we have a final lecture, so the end is near, but somehow...................... I am watching UFC fights instead of studying. I have taken to the feeling of "not a single shit was given" days. I hear this is part of the senior experience, but when I find myself nodding in agreement with memes like these, I get concerned: (And seriously, double-check with my classmates... this meme was made for me. Of my classes this semester, I have nary cacked the book in two of them...)

But... I do feel like I OUGHT to study for my finals. Especially when I am MORE than capable of getting As. And with my pretty outstanding GPA, I OUGHT to work hard to get them. And here we are.

Enjoy your evening. I am already WAY past bedtime and it's a Tuesday night. FML.

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