Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lunch Date.

I got to meet Stuie and the kiddos for lunch today. That's always fun and today was no exception. They were all so well behaved, which makes me feel so proud when I have them out in public, and they are always SO EXCITED to see me. There is nothing that makes me happier than my kids, and when they are all talking at once and want me to hold them, it's even better.

We went to Papa Joe's pizza. They are a little place across the street from campus, so it is close, and is typically pretty yummy too. They have lunch special that are killer deals and are served pretty fast, but we opted for a pizza instead and when it was all said and done, we only have one piece left between all of us. Fatty little kids! HAHA!

Work was good too. It was a pretty calm day, no huge emergencies or fires to deal with, which is always appreciated.

I made dinner when I got home while Stu went to show the other house to a potential renter and then we all went to Lowe's to get a couple little things. I am finding that the new house is requiring "a few little things" almost all the time and that ends up being a lot of money. :) I am hoping it wanes soon because I definitely do not like spending so much money on seemingly nothing, but I know it is always for home improvement, which is good in the long run.

We ended the night pretty low-key. I caught up on Teen Mom 2 episodes and Stu went to bed early. :)

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