Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I am sick. It sucks. I have been feeling off and slightly under the weather, but it REALLY caught up with me today. My whole neck and back and throat are killing me. I have sinus issues and my head feels like it's in a vice. Not the way to spend my vacay at all. I've taken two baths in the past day and while they have been lovely, with the jets and candles and smells bath salts and all, they have not made me any better. I am hoping for a quick turn around.

We went to Flatbread with the in-laws today down at Bown's Crossing. I figured seeing that side of town was necessary to get the whole Boise feel and it was super yummy, as always. The kids were slightly hellions, but to their credit, it was past nap time and we weren't very accommodating to their schedule. Poor kiddos. Then we came home and had a pretty dull evening otherwise. I felt totally shitty all day so I am not in a good mood, and in general, doing little makes me antsy and irritable on my best day. So. Yeah.

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