Saturday, December 8, 2012


We have amazing friends that we met under what turned out to be slightly odd circumstances, but we have grown to be amazing friends and so much alike, it seems to just fit right. We never can find enough time to get together as much as we'd like, but every time we do, we have the best time and never want it to end. Our kids are around the same age and have a BLAST together, and we just laugh and have fun through it all.

Tonight we planned "Christmas" together, knowing, with both of our busy schedules that if we didn't plan a time to do it, we might never get to see each other over the holidays. It was so much fun, as always. We did snack night and Jamie prepared meatballs and sausages, cheese and crackers appetizer, and cheesecake bites in three different flavors (Jamie's dessert are ALWAYS amazing!).

And then it was time for gift exchange. Let me stop here to say I am inherently lame. When I pick out gifts, especially for other couples, I tend to get what I would want, and that usually sides with practicality and therefore, date night. So, in that mindset, I settled on a gift card to Red Robin (their fave) and movie tickets (who doesn't love a free date night? :)). But, as always, they are the more thoughtful, amazing side of this friendship and they, Ian remembering a conversation he had with Stu about the naming of the "bar," worked together to build us the following sign:

It is made with love and fun, which I love. I know every time I look at it, I will see their faces and remember the story she told us of them making it, and the togetherness it was for them as well. It's a great reminder that even though we are busy, we need to make a conscious effort for each other as well. Our lives might be crazy, and our kids a decent amount of work, but our marriage is nothing without each other. It's such a perfect gift, with so much wrapped up in it.

We love them.

Thanks again, guys.

And now, because no one quite "gets" me like Stu does, we're off to watch a Newsroom marathon with popcorn and drinkies. :)

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