Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Days... The Letter "Q"

Quest - Mimi picked out this word as her "Q" word. They have fulfilled their quest to come to Abu Dhabi! :)

Quarters - This one sounds dumb and sounds like I am stretching for "Q" words, but I really do like quarters. Dirhams here since they are the size, shape and color of quarters. I just like putting them in vending machines and using them for small purchases. It's the little things, people!

Quiche - I make a pretty good one too!


  1. Quiet - nothing quite like it and something you learn to appreciate more and more after you have kids!

    Quintessential - just because it's fun to say!

    Quintuplets - but only when they belong to someone else!

    Questions - because you really should ask them.

    Quizzical - the look on my kids' faces when I say "did you do your chores?"

    Quell - to soothe. As in "I quelled my stress by drinking a large glass of homemade Bailey's over ice."

  2. Quiet - sometimes more soothing than anything else.
    Quirks - the little things that make us all unique and special. =)

    Glad everybody's there safe and sound!

  3. OMG Sydney - I can't believe you forgot the most important Q word ever.....Q-Tips (the real ones with nice fluffy ends) You even wrote it on your wish list that you left here on the fridge!

    My personal pick would be Qua - I don't know what it means, but it sure helps me with Bookworm and scrabble!!!

    Love you millions!!