Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping and Date Nights!

I am pleased to say that Mimi and Papa are finally feeling better. Papa took a risk today at lunch and requested grilled cheese sandwiches (this is a far cry from his applesauce and toast diet). That went well for all (including Kaden who loves his grilled cheese) and so we finally ventured out of the house again tonight to my beloved "Hamdan Center" where they sell the cheap gifty goods as well as discounted designer digs. A double plus!

Mimi came away with three bags of goodies to take home to friends and family and some talk of her future purchases for "the next time" she comes to Abu Dhabi.

Papa spent his day researching schools in the Dhab that may be in need of a Special Needs teacher.

I am so glad they have enjoyed their time here... they keep talking about how this has been the trip of a lifetime and how much they love it here. They've given me renewed energy to take a step back and take Abu Dhabi for what it is instead of dwelling on what it is not. I've started to feel happy to stay here for as long as we need to, especially as we watch the economic turmoil taking place back home.

In other news, Stu and I went on TWO dates! First, on Saturday night we went to the movies, sans baby, and saw Traitor. Two things: First, a great movie to see here. I felt like a white guy sitting in a packed Kings of Comedy tour, trying to not to laugh at the black-guy jokes. Un-comf-y! It is about the typical American fear of jihadi-charged terrorists planning infinite bombings that will disrupt our daily lives. In this case it surrounds an American Muslim extremist, so we get that twist. It was a decent enough movie with fairly mediocre acting, but enough action to make up for it. Stu came away from it suspicious of every bus we passed, searching for terrorists, while I came away with it feeling weird about seeing it as the "idiot American" with the 5 dishdasha-clad guys sitting behind us. Great date though!

The second date was to a Japanese Restaurant where they do the whole hibachi coolness. I noted that it was almost a year ago (my birthday) that we had been to another Japanese steakhouse like this one, but in Boise with our friends. The food was good, though overpriced. And we had a great time watching our tablemates spill food on themselves from their overindulgence of sake. Another great date. I even wore shiny silver heels! (Yeah, told you it was a real date!)

After we got home, Kaden thought he'd better try out my shoes...

He has also decided to get up between 6 and 6:30 for the past few days (Gawd) which means this is what happens right around lunch time!

Side Note: As I went to plug in my camera to upload these pictures for this post, I caught of whiff of desert safari. Sure enough, upon closer expection ( a deep breath in), the strap of the camera still smells exactly like the campfire from that night. What a great memory!


  1. I am so happy to hear of your TWO dates and please note: I AM JEALOUS!!! We NEVER go out!! I am so happy for you! YAY! Oh no! Mimi and Papa were sick?!? Jetlagged? Never fun but glad to hear all is on the mend. When do they leave? I think it is AWESOME they came and AWESOME they loved their visit! Miss U! Jess :)

  2. I'll make it over there one of these days.....I'm glad everyone is feeling better and having a great time!!!!!!