Wednesday, December 3, 2008

23 Days... The Letter "D"

Dreary Days – Stu picked this one and I agree. Living in a place where it never rains, on a day like today (it rained!) it really feels nice to smell the rain and snuggle inside together enjoying the cooler breeze.

Dance – This has to be one of the family favorites for us! Especially lately with our Christmas music collection, we’ve done nothing but dance!

December – So far (and we’re only three days in!) December has been our favorite month since we’ve been here! It is cool enough to stay outside ALL day if we feel like it, Stu is off for two weeks, Mimi and Papa are coming in a few short days, and it has Christmas in it! What a great month!

Dad – Kaden loves his Daddy so much! (And I love MY Daddy too! Happy Birthday yesterday Dad!) I know Stu would say being a Dad is like nothing else. He’s grown and changed so much in the past two years both preparing for, and becoming, a great Dad. I love you facey!

DVDs – We love movies and when we find something we haven’t seen it’s almost a holiday! With not a lot to do here, we spend a lot of time watching movies to pass the time. So DVDs have to make the list of favorites.

And here are some random pictures from yesterday... Just because!


Kaden sitting on the vacuum... his favorite seat!

Here is a picture of some of the lights for National Day... look in the median.

And here is a picture showing how clear it was yesterday (very uncommon). Those tall buildings are on the water's edge... shows how close we are to the water (or how small this island really is).

We went for a walk last night and here are some of the pictures...

Remember all that construction I've complained about for the past 9 months? Well, this is the result of that annoyance! The completed building (our building is right behind it and you can see our flat's windows, the very top corner to the right of the building).

This is of a view down another street in our neighborhood.

It rained today! See the wet???

And as you know, Kaden picks out his own clothes... here is today's ensemble! HAHA


  1. Kaden is very stylish - in fact, I believe he's dressed like a typical man! HAHA! So, D about dogs? They are a pain in the ass but where else can you get that unconditional love? And I would have to put a vote in for doughnuts - yum!

  2. This was hard, but the first thing that came to mind was 'dunking'! I love to watch the competitions on tv, and anytime there is a big guy who can 2 hand slam the ball during ANY game, well, there is just nothing better! (Also, because your brother wants to dunk the ball so bad) I know, its lame, but I couldn't think of anything else!
    Love you millions!
    and Billions!