Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eagerly Waiting!

So now we are all eagerly awaiting Mimi and Papa's arrival tomorrow. We've spent the last few days cleaning, grocery shopping, and otherwise just getting ready for them to get here. In fact, here is Kaden helping us get some cleaning done!

As you know, Stu has been off from work these past two weeks and it really has been great. We were both concerned about how it would go since he's usually so anxious just sitting at home doing nothing. I've gotten used to being a homebody and I actually like my time here now, but with him, who knew what was going to happen when he was bored for days on end.
Well, it turned out that we weren't bored. In fact, we did a lot actually! And we had so much fun that I actually got kind of sad last night knowing he had to go back to work today. It was so nice to hang out at the park together with no obligations, and get to run to the mall or anywhere at just any random time during the day. So Stu headed back to work with morning (with a choice profanity as soon as his alarm broke his peaceful slumber....... and subsequently mine! lol). Bummer.
Kaden woke up with a little bit of a fever too. I took his temp under his arm and it was at 99, so I know it was higher than that. Poor baby. I'm not sure why he doesn't feel good, but I figure I will watch him over the next few hours and see if it subsides. Right now he is eating breakfast like nothing's wrong, so I think he is feeling fine.

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