Sunday, December 14, 2008

They're On Their Way!

I talked to Mimi this morning right before they left for the airport. We will officially be picking them up at AUH in less than 24 hours! Hooray! Unfortunately for them that means many many hours of airplane meals and restless vertical sleep. Fortunately for us that means one more regular night of sleep followed by a work day for Stu and a "Quick, clean up the last of the stuff we missed!" day with a sick baby.

Speaking of which I really feel bad for him. As it was he didn't wake up until 9:30 this morning, then sulked around clinging to my arm and/or leg, finally relenting and allowing us to watch All Dogs Go to Heaven (thanks Don Bluth!) while sweating with fever on my lap (I check it several times and gave him Tylenol every four hours, in case the worried grandmas were wondering). He finally gave up awakeness for a nap earlier than usual and slept for over 4 hours. When Stu got home we had a light dinner (turkey wrapped in lettuce with honey mustard dressing and some pineapple and cantaloupe for a side, delish!) and then headed to Hamdan Center for a gift for Mimi and Papa. Kaden smiled at exactly two shop owners, but otherwise sat fairly motionless and uncomplaining in his stroller while we shopped around. Poor kid climbed up on my lap while I IMed Mimi once we got home and then laid on Daddy on the couch until a very early bedtime at 8:00. He fell asleep during his story and was still awfully hot when I put him in bed.

I HOPE this is just a fluke as I didn't feel great tonight either, and he is better my tomorrow. However, I still worry about him in there and I've already been in twice to feel his head and check his breathing. It will likely be a sleepless night for this paranoid Mommy!

(Spoiler Alert!)

In other news, as an update to my previous post, the "Christmas Galore" was indeed GALORE! We officially have presents under our tree (see pic!) and I have many more to wrap tomorrow! Stu and I cheated and used out presents from his parents which were AWESOME! Stu got a body wash that smells manly Heavenly and I got VS PINK lotion and body wash (both a consumable, so we don't have to take it home AND Victoria's Secret, my second home! Yay!).
His parents also sent some sugar cookies mixes, which I will be saving for when we run out of the sugar cookie mix I made a few days ago (but are waiting for Mimi and Papa to bake), BUT they also sent sprinkles so we can use those to decorate with AND they sent real powdered sugar which we found a VERSION of here, but I wasn't as trusting of it as the real stuff, so we'll use that! They also got Kaden some pretty cool gifts including a bath toy that I wanted to play with THEN, lol.
Mary-Leah, fear not! Stu told me wrong and there were in fact two boxes from you AND our box from Hayley! Thank you both for the wrapped gifts and Christmas embellishments. I am so excited to use the stamps!
Mimi sent towels, lol. Since we mentioned that we needed to go out and get some more before they got here, that woman doesn't let anything slip her mind. Not only did she send two boxes of just towels, but they are Christmas red and green! :) I thought them very appropriate!
My Mom sent tons of presents for Kaden, some of them not wrapped so we got a peek at how COOL they are! (pssst, hologram dishes!)
Everyone seemed to send yarn (thanks you so much! I think I can officially say I have a "stash") and there was so much stuff I know I am forgetting most of it, so I apologize! Here is a pic of the table after just 4 of the 8 boxes! Haha
Thanks everyone!

And this was just too cute not to show, I love it when things scream "You're a parent!" For example, the above is Stu's nightstand tonight before he went to sleep, but clearly after story time! I love it!