Sunday, December 7, 2008


On Friday we went down to the Marina Mall for dinner at Figaro’s (holy yum) and then to watch the fireworks at the Palace. I’m not real sure what they were for actually. It was either for National Day (which was a few days before that) or for Eid, which didn’t start until yesterday. So I’m not entirely sure. Either way, we got to pick a spot on the grass on the Corniche by Marina Mall and watch them go off and then take in the skyline (at night with no dust or smog to ruin it, it’s very pretty).

Afterwards we drove around and looked at the lights around town that were still up from National Day (our version of pseudo Christmas lights looking). Kaden was initially terrified of the fireworks but eventually got used to them and watched cautiously.

Kaden at the start of the fireworks... not a happy camper.

See the decorated Dhow in the center?

The city skyline with the Gulf in front. See that flagpole? Yep, you guessed it, tallest "unsupported" (whatever that means) flagpole in the world.

Allergy-ridden Mommy, healthy happy Daddy, and terrified Kaden at the fireworks.

The huge Sheikh picture by Marina Mall.

These were in the middle of some of the roundabouts (like these drivers need any more distractions!)... they were pretty cool though!

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  1. Wow! I thought you were going to miss the fireworks at Thanksgiving but you got some anyway! You just have to pretend that they are celebrating Christmas! haha! The city is really pretty, though - at least it isn't oh, I don't know...Chicago?! (no offense to any 'chicagans' out there.)
    Love, MammaE