Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boys Being Boys!

Yesterday we went to the park with Kyle, Kasey and Andrew and we really had a great time with them and watching the boys play together. Andrew is such a sweet little boy now and he was trying to encourage Kaden to do the things he could do. Before long Kaden was cruising down the slides and following Andrew up the stairs. It was the cutest thing watching them play together.

It’s always nice to get together with other parents since here it is much harder to find them. We, of course, talked mostly about our kids, but it was nice to talk to other adults!

The park we went to had a “carnival” going on at the time so it was much busier than we’d ever seen it, but it was still a really great time. It was pretty hot though and Kaden and I were both overdressed for the 75 degree weather (and sweated plenty as a result). After a few hours there though we were all pretty pooped and headed home for a nap!

Kaden and Andrew enjoying the slide!

Stairs were a huge hit too!


Kaden with his little Arab friends he made at the park.


Kasey and Andrew and me and Kaden swinging.

Happy boy enjoying the park!

Problem solver... figured how to get down...

The final step down.

More stairs.

For the carnival there was a horse which Kaden wasn't sure about, but Andrew insisted was a "doggie".

After all that fun, he was VERY pooped out at nap time!


  1. I LOVE the one of him going down the slide! Sooooo cute! He's such a big boy now.........I miss him!

  2. Very cute pictures! Brings back memories of when I worked at a preschool. Playground time - so much fun!! Do they have any of the closed in swings for little kids? Haha, "push me, push me!!"

  3. This was such a cool post. The last picture is so peaceful :)

  4. Aww! These have got to be some of the cutest pictures of Kaden! The park looks awesome; they're way more fancy than the ones we have here. =] Merry Christmas! XOXO Hayley