Sunday, December 7, 2008

Someone Could Have Mentioned...

That the morning after the start of Eid would include our Mosque sounding off not just for the regular early morning prayer call at just after 5 AM, but then would ALSO continue with at least 20 more singing men for over an hour... at 6 in the morning! Would have been nice to know and I would have planned accordingly and gone to bed at 9 instead of staying up reading until well after midnight, thinking I could just sleep in with the rest of my family on another day off.

Instead, Stu is now sleeping peacefully with his earplugs deeply lodged in his ears while I'm up with a pissed-off, awakened-after-too-little-sleep baby. After they mercifully stopped just after 7:00, Kaden started crying minutes later and has been as grumpy as I feel this morning.

In addition, this M.E. version of Claritin I got for my allergies is allegedly "24-hour", but it only works for 12 hours. So I was up sniffly and watery eyed before I even got out of bed and it has yet to kick in an hour later. Complain much? Yes sir! It's a crabby, crappy day and it's only 8 AM!

Now to get Mister Grumpypants some breakfast and to make myself of pot of VERY strong coffee. I hope everyone else got to sleep in today!

Oh, and Eid Mubarak to my faithful Muslim readers. Sorry about the rant.


  1. Hi Sweetie!!
    You know...the generic version of claritin we get for Hayden also only works for about 12 hours. We just let him take it every 12 and it works like a champ! I see no reason for you not to do the same. (one in the morning and one at night) Don't be miserable, its not like you have to operate machinery or will be drinking with it...Haha!
    My addition to the letter of the day is ICE CREAM!! (even though I am jumping the gun! :-)
    Love you millions!

  2. I tell you , that the minaret of the mosque is at the same level of my bedroom window and shhhh don't tell anyone , I SLEPT till noon hihihi and no ear plugs in..
    As for the fireorks on Friday they were the continious show of the National day...
    Have a nice day though :)