Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 Days... The Letter "O"

Oreos - Holy Yum! I miss them!

Orange Juice - I am a huge fan of a big glass of real orange juice in the morning with a home-cooked breakfast.

Ocean - Not for the typical reason of the beach (I think I already made it clear that I'm a freshwater kind of gal) but fo all the fascinating creatures that live in it. I was watching that "Earth in Peril" CNN special today and they were doing a segment on Great White Sharks. Ocean animals are definitely pretty cool.

Okra - Fried that is. With Papa. In the Wal-Mart paking lot. That was the first time I ever had that addictive fried goodness.

Ok, that's my list! Hit me with your O's! :)


  1. Old Navy - practically the only place I shop online but they have my favorite jeans!
    Olga's Vegetable Soup - something delicious Jeff made for dinner last night.
    Otters - they are so cute!

  2. Ommie! I know you don't remember her, but just about the greatest woman who ever lived!
    Love, MammaE