Monday, December 15, 2008


As I mentioned, the past few days Kaden has been sick. Well today he was even worse so when Stu got home we took him to the doctor and the poor little baby has Strep throat! I feel so bad for him. He had a temperature of 102.2 so I decided it was probably time to take him in and he’s been so pathetic today. He only sat on my lap or near me and watched TV the whole time he was up today. He didn’t play with one toy! How sad!

Anyway so the doc gave him an antibiotic for 7 days and hopefully that will help as we are leaving to get Mimi and Papa from the airport in 15 minutes! I’m really excited they are finally going to be here, but what a time for Kaden to be sick!

Here are some pics of the poor baby today. It was not a winner day, that’s for sure. Which also meant that all the rest of the cleaning I was going to get done today and yesterday didn’t get as done as I would have liked… so Mimi will have to make do! Haha.


  1. My Poor Baby!! I always felt so bad for the babies when they were sick - they just didn't know what was going on! YOU especially were the sickypants of the universe! Someone in Seattle would get strep throat and you would somehow catch it from them :-)
    Kiss my baby for me!
    Love, MammaE

  2. My poor baby! Now might be a good time to get him some popsicles or ice cream!

  3. A sick little boy, is the worse thing in the world, all you can do is hold and comfort them! And let them know you love them dearly, then before you know it they are bak to their normal self and you are grateful to have them back!!
    We said some prayer for mimi and papa, to have a save jounery, so nice they could go there to see you too bad Kaden's under the weather, also glad you got boxes for Christmas, just don't let Stu. eat too much of those baked bean's ,whew...
    Love Tom and Patty

  4. I hope you guys are having a great time and that Kaden gets to feeling better so he can enjoy his company!

  5. oh boy...just looking at this entry now. He looks how William did on his first birthday...really pale at the end of his party and ended up throwing up all night. Glad to hear the meds worked!