Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Air Update:

Just to finish the story from yesterday, they didn't make the "2:00 inshallah" time, as anticipated. Instead they breezed in just after 3:00... which is actually pretty good considering they missed their previously self-imposed time by two days!

In any event, they scratched their heads (and butts... seriously... so gross) a bit more with the 4 additional guys they brought back with them before they eventually took the whole unit out and left with it. On their way to the elevator I stopped them to ask about the mess they left in my previously clean bathroom. They gestured toward our watchman and said to him, "You! Clean up!" So the poor doorman did as decent a job as he could have with a dustpan, paper towels, and his hands. So I was forced to clean up the bathroom this morning anyway. I couldn't in good conscience let Kaden bathe in a tub with black grime and cockroach parts clinging to the tub walls.

I also can't help but think about what would happen if a repair man came to someone's home in America, let's say, a plumber, and not only steal your toilet and say he'd be back in two days (maybe... inshallah) with it and left with a HUGE mess in your bathroom. Any American would lose their mind! I guess here they just assume the women in the house have nothing else to do, so why can't they just clean up after these filthy "men". Ugh. Anyway, so apparently they'll be bringing our air conditioner back in a few days after they figure out the "beeg problem" and then I'll get to clean up the mess again. Here is what my tub looked like after they left:


  1. Man, I'd be livid. Especially after the mold problems already - I just look at mold and my sinuses go nuts. Hope everything gets fixed soon... with as little mess as possible!

  2. Thank God for bleach!! I don't know if you remember, but when we had our house ducted and a heating system put in, the guys left the house cleaner EVERY NIGHT than it was before they came! And when a light they used melted the top of my vacuum cleaner, they bought me a new lid for it! What a difference it makes! Then when the main guy came in to check their work when it was completed he took his shoes off before he came in the house!
    Wait till you get back to the states! You won't be cleaning up after men if they want to get PAID!!:-)
    My poor babies!
    Love, mamma

  3. WOW! looking at that, and knowing you had to clean that up....that about made me sick! that is horrible, Im sorry. I really wouldn't have been able to handle that.