Tuesday, December 2, 2008

24 Days... The Letter "C"

So I said to Stu, "Hey, it's "C" day! I have to do "C"!" And he goes, "Oooo! Cookies! Yummm! Ooo! Cake! Yumm!" So those are Stu's C words!

Cookies - Not only a Stu love, but Kaden giggles uncontrollably when I hand him a cookie! So he'd pick cookies too, and I love my Mom's Chocolate Snappers.... yummmm.

Christmas - We're very much looking forward to Christmas this year since we can celebrate it so much better than we've been able to with the other holidays we've had here. We have our little tree and Mimi and Papa will be here. Christmas is a great time of year.

Chinese Food - After meastering some of my favorite menu items over the past few months, this one is even better now!

Cuddling - This is something my little family does A LOT. Kaden is such a snuggle bug and my favorite time of the day is when we're all three cuddled down before bedtime with a book in our big bed with Kaden between us.

There are my "C"s! Today is National Day here, which is their independence day. The UAE turns a young 37 today! It's so weird to think this country is so young. It's reminds me of my 6th grade year when we had Czechoslovakia as a spelling word one week. Now that country doesn't even exist. Apparently National Day is a pretty big event. We were told to be careful about when we drive as the Emiratis celebrate the day by decorating their cars and driving MORE erratically than they usually do. I took some pictures of some cars we happened to see. They look like this EVERYWHERE today. Pretty intricate designs!


  1. Wow, I have an FJ Cruiser like that first picture - haha maybe I should try decorating mine like that and see what the reactions are. :) Hope you guys are doing well!! I don't comment much but I'm still reading!

  2. P.S. - Computers! They're how I get to keep up with my cousin around the world!! :)

  3. I like cookies too! Yum! And cake - yellow cake with chocolate frosting! And chocolate! Another C word!

  4. Whoa. And we all thought our car decorations for state softball were cool! Darn, they are in a whole seperate league over there! Miss you sis and love to read about your crazy life!!

  5. CHILDREN!! because I love my children more than anything in the world!
    Love you millions!