Sunday, December 7, 2008

18 Days... The Letter "I"

"Ichabod is Itchy" - who doesn't love Dr. Seuss books? I get them stuck in head after we put Kaden to bed and walk around sing-songing my life in Dr. Seuss style.

Ice Cream - I scream, you scream! Yum yum yum!

Intelligence - Stu came up with this one and I agree... it's very important. I hope our son learns from us the value of education and making the right decisions for the sake of good decisions.

Ideas - Everything starts with an idea! Here's to good ideas!

Idaho - We both miss our wonderful state waiting for us so far away. I can't wait to take Kaden to all my favorite places and all the places where Stu and I had so much fun waiting for him to arrive!

Ingredients - Where would I be without my cooking??? Since it takes ingredients to make anything yummy, that's got to be one of my favorites!


  1. Ice, ice baby! I love my crushed ice dispenser in my fridge and I've been known to take a glass of my crushed ice to other people's houses when I know they don't have my awesome crushed ice! How diva is that?

  2. all our travels, we have never been to Hawaii, the Big ISLAND...and we'd love to go to Tahiti. Just my two cents worth for today! Love you...trying to get well enough to travel! Mimi and Papa

  3. INCENSE............ahhhhh, those college years! Can't go without some sandlewood burning in the air.