Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 Days... The Letter "X"

What the heck do I do for X??? I guess Xylophone is the only one I can even think of... but I'm not a huge fan of xylophones. I don't DISlike them; I'm just not a fanatic about them. So can I really put them on my favorites list???

Hmmmmm... XX - Because without these chromosomes I would have been a boy!

X-ray - Yeaaaaah, not really a fan of these either.

Ok, you're turn! Hit me with some Xes! :)


  1. Xanax - without it, many mothers would kill their children! (that was meant to be a joke, but still..)

    Xena, princess warrior - who I pretend to be when I think I'm a bad-ass!

    Xaina - the name of one of my childhood friends (I am not making this up!)

    There you go, some X's!

  2. Mo really isn't making it up - and Xainas mom had her jaws wired shut to lose weight and kept a pair of wire cutters around her neck in case she choked - Haunts me to this day!!

    My pick is X-men! I know its a made up name, but I am a sucker for all things Marvel Comics!
    Love, MammaE