Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Day in the Dhab.

After a couple of ultra-relaxing days, we decided Mimi and Papa had better get out of the house. So last night we took a drive down to the Corniche to walk along the water’s edge. It was sort of chilly for me (in the 60s) but Mimi and Papa both said they were very comfortable. Papa maintains that every day he doesn’t think it can get any better and it does.
Here are pics from our walk, courtesy of photojournalist Stuie!

I know you've seen this Sheikh pic a dozen times, but I really like it! :)

The Emirates Palace Hotel at night.

The skyline... purty.

The Marina Mall. And our walking path.

Kaden walking/two stepping his way along the walk.
Kaden just loves having more people around the house since to him that equals more shoes to comandeer!

Kaden has also been given the task of waking Papa from his daily nap... here he is waking up his Papa with "Hiiii Papa."

Just relaxing on the edge of the bed having a very important conversation with his Papa.


  1. Is that a bed Papa sleeps on?

  2. Yeaaaaahhhhh... um, what else would he sleep in???

  3. Hope you all grow up soon. Your the typicle won 'a' bee ultra conservative family that will always be the joke of america LOL!!!!!!

  4. Ok this last comment made me laugh out loud. I just had to reply to this non-English-speaking invalid. First of all someone who doesn’t even have the brass to sign their name to a rude and out of place comment doesn’t have any business posting a comment at all. Sydney leaves her blog open for anonymous comments from friends and family that have uplifting and encouraging things to say, and not for some disadvantaged third world bum. Babe I love every one of your posts. You truly are a very gifted writer. And we (family and friends) will always stand beside you. And as for all of the haters and cowards out there, either sign your name to your bullshit or don’t bother to comment.